Auckland Housing Accord Outshines RMA

The Auckland Housing Accord is doing much more for the Auckland housing shortage than the Reserve Management Act (RMA) has ever done, according to the Property Council upon the release of the latest report from the Government and Auckland Council.

Agreed upon in 2013, one of the main goals of the Auckland Housing Accord was to have 39,000 new sections and dwellings consented upon within three years with 9,000 in the first year, 13,000 in the second year and 17,000 in the third year.

More Homes Consented Under Auckland Housing Accord
During the first year, 11,600 new sections and dwellings were given consent, exceeding the goal of 9,000. Then with Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Housing Minister Nick Smith recently announcing that they are well on the way of meeting 13,000 this year, others are suggesting that the RMA adopts some of the principles of the Auckland Housing Accord to boost the level of affordable housing.

Chief Executive Connal Townsend of the Property Council has said that it is obvious that the RMA is unable to fast track the consent process and red tape involved with building affordable housing in Auckland. For this reason he believes that the RMA must start using some of the principles of the Auckland Housing Accord immediately.

DIY Preferred Over Selling Your Home
With the Do It Yourself attitude of many New Zealanders, is it no wonder that many are choosing the cheaper option of renovating their existing home than selling and buying another? With booming house prices given as one reason why the DIY industry is now worth over $1.5 billion, home owners are choosing to make their dream home where they are instead of paying the current inflated prices and battling the shortage of available properties.

However it is not just simple painting and decorating that is being done. Builders are being contracted to complete major additions to existing properties, such as adding more bedrooms or extending the living areas of a house. The Certified Builders Association Chief Executive said that it’s been a mix of expanding the floor area and complete upgrading of the house, adding that this was because home owners could not find the right properties with the right price and location to buy.

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