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Home Loans

Home loans are a minefield for the average person. The different types of loans, repayment schedules, interest rates, set up costs… the fine print can make the mortgage process difficult to navigate. At Mortgage Brokers Auckland our job is to make it simple for you.


Debt Consolidation

Do you ever feel that your finances are getting out of control? Are you making high interest payments and getting hit by credit card fees? Whatever the reason getting your debts in order in one easy to manage payment maybe just the solution you’ve been looking for…


Business Loans

Owning your own business can provide you with a lot of freedom, but managing cash flow can sometimes be a challenge. With the requirement to get more stock or a buffer while awaiting payment from your debtors a business loan is often the best solution.

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Getting the best mortgage deal on your North Auckland home used be a mission. That was up till now. Mortgage Brokers Auckland can provide you with straight forward no nonsense advice and give you multiple options on a mortgage so you get the right home loan that will suit you and your individual needs.

We recognise the value of ongoing relationships and referrals, and that’s why we insure you get a home loan that will suit your pocket not ours.

There are lots of banks and lenders in NZ who offer funding and even lenders in Australia, but getting to all of them and knowing what actually is a good offer can take a whole lot of time and effort, not to mention some just don’t deal directly with the public. Not to mention you’re going to want to know how to best present your case so you actually do get the best finance. This is where we come in because we’re specialists in home mortages.

If you’re on the search for a mortgage broker who has the depth of knowledge and experience to get you qualified then you’re in the right place.

Remember it costs nothing to talk to us and use our service.

Mortgage Options Tailored to You

Most of us work all sorts of hours and days of the week and getting to each bank or lender when it suits can be a real pain. As Auckland Mortgage Brokers we come to your residence, work or local cafe to discuss your mortgage options. Then with that information we do all the running around to the independent lenders and banks, finding what they can offer you. You don’t pay us for this service, the lenders pay us when you take out a home loan.

Call your independent Auckland Mortgage Broker and home loan specialist to discuss your requirements and let’s work together to get the very best deal for you.