Personal Loans

Are you unable to afford what you really want right now? Is it a trip to the islands? A fairytale wedding? Or a trip to go see your family? Whatever it is that you can’t afford, personal loans are a good place to start when looking for a solution.

Personal Loans have many options that can often be tailored to your different situation:

Secured Personal Loan
A secured loan is one where the lender uses your car or property as security. Because there is less risk to the lender, they are more likely to give you a better deal – possibly more money or a lower interest rate.

Unsecured Loan
An unsecured loan is for when you don’t own property, a car or some other kind of security or they’re already being used as collateral in another loan. Unsecured loans tend to be for less money than a Secured loan, and have a slightly higher interest rate but are still a great way to get a cash injection.

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Pre-approved Loan
A pre-approved loan has the advantage of giving you more choice on your purchases and the ability to negotiate as you are essentially purchasing your items as a cash buyer. This is taken out before you decide on what you want e.g what furniture or boat.

Already had that big purchase, but your current finances are just not working for you? We have other ways to convert your current loans, and get them paid off in no time!

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Debt Consolidation Loan
Too many credit card, hire purchase or personal loans? Use a debt consolidation loan to combine them. This makes payments easier, and lowers interest costs – you’ll have your loans paid off faster, and more money in the bank to do the things you would rather be doing.

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Refinancing Loan
If you think you’re getting ripped off by other loan providers, we can help you transfer then re-finance your personal loan with our lenders. This can be much cheaper and easier if your current provider is taking you for a ride with excessive interest or impossible repayment schedules.

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